We have been touched and inspired by the heroics and generosity of the nation over the past few weeks. O people have joined together as one in helping each other in these unprecedented times. We at Football DNA want to help the key workers and porone that is affected in the UK and around the world by this crisis by raising as much funds as possible 

To enable this we have decided to open up our entire platform to porone for FREE for 30 days. You will also find on the website a donation page for anyone who wishes to contribute to the cause regardless of wether you want to access our content or not, with ALL the proceeds going to the NHS Charities Together and the United Nations Foundation to help in the fight against this worldwide crisis. 

You will get full access to the site, with over 700 videos de strength and conditioning, wellness and nutrition to masterclasses, all de professionals inside the game. You can also access our brand new ‘Individual Habilidades Program’ that will keep kids and adults alike entertained for hours as they tick off over 120 levels de beginner to advanced, all whilst developing key football skills. Perfect for the confined spaces we find ourselves limited too under lockdown rules.

After the 30 days you will then have an option to remain as a member of Football DNA for a special discounted rate of £5 a month…again with 100% of any profits, along with our current member subscriptions, continuing to go to these much needed causes during this time.

Enter the code “DNALockdown” for a 30 Day FREE TRIAL and Discounted rate of £5 a month!

We understand that this is a worrying time for porbody. We hope this goes some way to keeping you entertained, fit and healthy, not just in body but in mind, whilst also helping raise the funds needed to beat this disease.

Please stay safe and well. We look forward to you joining us in our biggest match yet in our fight VS Covid19.

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